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The frame is an underlying steel structure, which forms the cubicle’s core. You can find a variety of trim top frames on our portal. Starting from E1109.3842 to E1109.8648C you can opt for plain frames that are available at pocket friendly rates. Besides, you can also look out for frames for big pieces of furniture as well.

E1109.3818 E1109.3842 E1109.4642 E1109.5430C E1109.6224
E1109.3824C E1109.3848C E1109.4648 E1109.5436C E1109.6230
E1109.3830C E1109.4624 E1109.5418 E1109.5442C E1109.6242
E1109.3836 E1109.4630 E1109.5424C E1109.5448C E1109.6248
E1109.7018C E1109.7024C E1109.7030C E1109.7036C E1109.7042C
E1109.7048 E1109.8618C E1109.8624C E1109.8630C E1109.8636C
E1109.8642C E1109.8648C E1112.18 E1112.24 E1112.30
E1112.36 E1112.42 E1112.48


Three types of products fall under this category, among which E1690 is a doorknoband has been helping organizations since long. The other two are doors and frames, a bit costlier than only frames. E1119.42 and E1119.36 are available in right and left and you just need to call us to install the same.

E1119.42.R/L E1119.36R R/L E1690


These rods connect one frame with another. There are five types of draw rods available with us. The name and model number of each are as follows: E1120.38, E1120.46, E1120.54, E1120.70 and E1120.86. These are dependable and you can choose them depending on the frames used.

E1120.38 E1120.46 E1120.54 E1120.70 E1120.86


The base covers basically cover the panels or the frames. Five variations are present there. E1263.24 is the cheapest one and E1263.48 is the costly of the lot available with us. The other three E1263.30, E1263.36, E1263.42 are available during any of your needs.

E1130.64 E1130.80 E1131.16


Both the tile adapters and wall strips fall under the category of panel to panel connectors. Two wall strips and a single tile adapter is available. E1130.64 and E1130.80 are available at reasonable prices and E1131.16, the tile adapters deserve special mention. Though, all the three are connectors but their works do vary.

E1263.24 E1263.30 E1263.36 E1263.42 E1263.48


As the name suggests, the work of the connector is to connect. You will find two way, three way and four way connectors in order to connect 2, 3, 4 frames at respective angles- 90, 120 and 135 degrees. Plenty of connectors are available for a variety of needs. Product numbers are- E1120 –E1140.

E1220.38 E1220.46 E1220.54 E1220.62 E1220.70
E1220.86 E1230.38 E1230.46 E1230.54 E1230.62
E1230.70 E1230.86 E1240.38 E1240.46 E1240.54
E1240.62 E1240.70 E1240.86 E1220.16 E1230.16
E1240.16 E1220.16 E1227.16 E1221.16 E1222.16
E1230.16 E1237.16 EE1240.16 E1219.38A E1219.46A
E1219.54A E1219.62A E1219.70A E1219.86A E1219.38C
E1219.46C E1219.54C E1219.62C E1219.70C E1219.86C


This variety also consists of numerous sub-types. These covers for the connectors consist of either wood or vinyl in their composition depending on the connector type. Roughly twenty-two types are available starting from E1270.70SR to E1272.70W. Majority of them are available at a reasonable rate except the wood covers.

E1270.70SR E1270.54SR E1270.38SR E1270.46SR E1270.62SR
E1270.86SR E1270.46SS E1270.70SS E1270.54FR E1270.70FR
E1270.86FR E1270.73.70F E1272.70SS E1272.54F E1272.54SS
E1272.70F E1272.86F E1272.86SS E1272.46SS E1272.38W
E1272.54W E1272.70W


The finished ends are the trim parts used on the frame’s ends. There are thirteen types of finished ends available generally made from wood. The product numbers for this category begins with E1250.32 and ends with E1252.86W. To get any one of the models simply contact us today.

E1250.32 E1250.16 E1250.38S E1252.38W E1250.46S
E1250.54S E1252.54W E1250.62S E1252.62W E1250.70S
E1252.70W E1250.86S E1252.86W


Also termed as power pole, these are basically the entry points through which the building’s power is connected to the cubicle’s power. It is also called ceiling entry as the base feed enters from there. Total eight variants are available; range begins with E1322.06 and ends at E1331.70FN. Functionality of each one is worthwhile.

E1322.06 E1323.24E E1323.30E E1323.42E E1323.48E
E1331.54FE E1331.70E E1331.70FN


In all, you can choose from among thirteen products from us, belonging to this category. Among these, exist three 4 circuit tile height harnesses namely E1357.36/.42/.48. In case of baseline harnesses, two styles are prevalent –old and new for a single product (E1354.24E- E1354.48E). Each of the products hold widespread acceptance owing to their sturdiness.

E1354.24E E1354.24E E1354.30E E1354.30E E1354.36E
E1354.36E E1354.42E E1354.42E E1354.48E E1354.48E
E1357.36E E1357.42E E1357.48E


This is basically the cubicle’s skin, rectangular pieces covering the frame. There is a never ending list as tiles can be prepared from variety of materials and can be used for different works like- vinyl, painted, fabric, rail, glass, acoustical, cable access, tack, marker etc. The prices of the tiles vary accordingly. E14is the product number.

E1420.1624 E1420.1630 E1420.1636 E1420.1642 E1420.1648
E1420.0824 E1420.0830 E1420.0836 E1420.0842 E1420.0848
E1420.1618 E1420.1624 E1420.1630 E1420.1636 E1420.1642
E1420.0836 E1420.0842 E1420.0848 E1420.0824 E1420.0830
E1420.0836 E1420.1642 E1420.1648 E1425.0824 E1420.1630
E1420.1636 E1425.10848 E1425.1624 E1425.1624 E1425.1630
E1425.1636 E1425.1642 E1425.1648 E1423.1624 E1423.1630
E1423.1636 E1423.1642 E1423.1648 E1425.1624 E1425.1630
E1425.1636 E1425.1642 E1425.1648 E1436.0824 E1436.0830
E1436.0836 E1436.0842 E1436.0848 E1436.0824 E1411.1624
E1411.1630 E1411.1636 E1411.1642 E1411.1648 E1411.1624
E1411.1630 E1411.1636 E1411.1642 E1411.1648 E1411.3248
E1411.3242 E1440.1624 E1440.1630 E1440.1636 E1440.1642
E1440.1648 E1440.1624 E1440.1630 E1440.1636 E1440.1642
E1440.1648 E1442.1642 N E1442.1648 N E1426.1642 E1426.1648
E1426.3230 E1426.3236 E1426.3242 E1426.3248 E1480.1624 F
E1480.1630 F E1480.1636 F E1480.1642 F E1480.1648 F E1481.0842 F
E1481.0848 F


The surface on which people work i.e. keep computers and other essentials is the work surface. There are also many products present in this category, the square edge being the most popular one. The range begins with E2210.2424L and ends with E2332.2436L. The prices also differ according to the capacity of each one.

E2210.2424L E2210.2430L E2210.2436L E2210.2442L E2210.2448L
E2210.2460L E2210.2466L E2210.2478L E2224.2442L E2232.2436L
E2232.2442L E2232.2448L E2310.2424L E2310.2430L E2310.2436L
E2310.2442L E2310.2448L E2310.2460L E2310.2472L E2310.3024L
E2310.3030L E2310.3036L E2310.3042L E2310.3048L E2310.3060L
E2310.3072L E2332.2430L E2332.2436L E2332.2442L E2332.2448L
E2365.3060L E2365.3072L E2610.2424L E2610.2430L E2610.2436L
E2610.2442L E2610.2448L E2610.2460L E2631.2442L E2430.2448L
E2332.2448L E2332.2436L E2810.58 E2810.40 E2810.34
E2810.40 E2332.2448L E2332.2436L


The trim piece used for capping the frames or connectors are termed as top caps. There are total twenty variations in this product and among these some are wood veneer frame and some are simple. With E1261.1 the range begins and ends with E1260.S48. You can buy plain frames at a very low price.

E1261.1 E1261.1A E1261.2S E1261.2W E1261.3S
E1261.3W E1261.3A E1261.4S E1261.4W E1261.5S
E1260.30W E1260.36W E1260.W24 E1260.W42 E1260.W48
E1260.S24 E1260.S30 E1260.S36 E1260.S42 E1260.S48


As the name suggests, these are meant primarily for the act of storing and are found in different types and styles. Some come with doors, some with flipper doors and others with door fabrics. The product Ids are- E3212, E3110 etc. These are expensive in nature but this high price is worth your money.

E3212.2 .24 E3212.2 .30 E3212.2 .36 E3212.2 .42 E3212.2 .48
X3750.24 X3750.30 X3750.36 X3750.42 X3750.48
E3110.24 E3110.30 E3110.36 E3110.42 E3110.48
E3110 E3200 E3110.36


The strips those are trim in nature and can be used during any emergency or to mend any structural gaps, are called so. Only three varieties are present. E1132.16, E1132.64 and E1132.80. All the three are within budgets and can be used depending on the needs. Check them out and judge the performance yourself.

E1132.16 E1132.64 E1132.80


Task lights generally refer to non-movable light sources which are useful for completing specified tasks. Five variants under this category include G6120.48, G6120.42, G6120.36, G6120.30 and G6120.24. They will not make a hole in your pocket. You can install them under cabinets as well if they serve the purpose.

G6120.48 G6120.42 G6120.36 G6120.30 G6120.24


Both the spacers and brackets are supportive accessories that help the cubicle to be firm and hold the parts in proper positions. Spacers are tube pieces through which bolts pass but do not tighten them. Brackets are more popular lending the needed support. Ten variants constitute this category ranging from E1222.38FN to E1251.32W.

E1222.38FN E1222.54FN E1222.70FN E1251.08 E1251.1
E1251.16 E1251.24S E1251.32 S E1251.16 W E1251.32 W


Cantilever is a triangle shaped structure that provides support to the entire work surface and end panels are sidepieces of a flipper door or of shelves. Combining all three types, total ten items are there. E2392.30 is the beginning product and E1251.32W, the last. The pricing of these items are uncertain but won’t cost much.

E2392.30 E2392.24 E2280.24L E2280.30L E1142
E1251.16 E1251.24S E1251.32 S E1251.16 W E1251.32 W


It is another category filled with items as it includes all the other necessary components and accessories that is needed to complete a cubicle. Support panel, trough, stacker, jumper, keyboard holders, shelves, drawers etc. all are important parts that make up a successful cubicle. The numbers include E3200, G1313, M1100 etc.

E3200 E2931 G7715 G7130 G7110.10
G7120.4 G7120.8 G5912 E1293 E1294
G7310.15 G7310.24 G7310.30 G7150.3A G7130
G7111.09 G7000 M1100 G7810 G7790
G5010 G7630 G7610 G7631 G7510
G7149 G7411 G7120.4 G7120.8 G7320.05
G7320.10 G7115 E2360.72 G1313

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