Ethospace Tiles Offer Amazing Scope for Customization and Remodeling

One of the biggest advantages of using Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles is the flexibility they offer. This flexibility comes in handy when you are trying to customize your office space or you are looking for an affordable remodel solution. Tiles are a great place to start with because they are like the skin of cubicles and have a significant impact on the overall design of the cubicle.

Used Cubicles

Cubicles Form the Canvas

As important Herman Miller Ethospace parts, cubicle tiles come in the most number of options. There are dozens of styles to choose from that can make your office customization project or renovation project fun and interesting. Whether you are looking to build a professional, energetic or modern look, cubicle tiles can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Fabric Cubicle Tiles

Among Ethospace parts, fabric covered cubicle tiles are top-selling products and for good reasons. Available in numerous colors, fabric tiles can help you create a perfect environment for productivity and professional appearance. Bright, vivid colors can provide an energetic feel to office interiors. Most customers prefer fabric colors that match their brand identity to ensure cohesiveness. Another advantage of fabric tiles is that if the fabric becomes old or looks dull, it can be stripped and the tile can be recovered in a fabric of your choice.

Glass Cubicle Tiles

Glass cubicle tiles can be used as accent tiles in the overall tile design. They provide an illusion of light and space. They are a suitable solution if your existing office cubicles feature high construction. They help alleviate feelings of being cooped up or stifled. By installing one at the top of a cubicle, you may be able to allow natural sunlight to enter the interior. They can also be installed at eye level to provide a visual focal point.

Tiles that Add Functionality

There are many cubicle tile styles that enhance productivity in office spaces. Acoustical tiles absorb sound and make interiors quiet. Tack-tiles allow employees to pin important documents within eyesight and reduce clutter on the desk. Marker tiles enable employees to write out important messages or reminders for quick reference. Rail tiles are a great choice for better desk organization and for employees who handle a large number of files.

There are many other cubicle tile options you can explore including painted, vinyl and cable access tiles. To make the procurement process easier, purchase from a reputed supplier offering a comprehensive range of brand new and used Ethospace parts with affordable pricing and quick delivery!

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