Herman Miller Ethospace

Hero Office Systems focuses on delivering high quality new and used Herman Miller Ethospace parts at 75% off of list because of the size and bulk of our inventory in our warehouse facilities. Hero also works with other vendors around the nation in order to provide the fastest and highest quality of service that a company can provide. We stock genuine Herman Miller Ethospace parts as well as stocking the highest quality cloned parts.

used herman miller ethospace cubicles

Hero is a trusted source for Herman Miller pre-owned, and new in the box Ethospace parts, keeping all generations of parts in stock; over 12 million in parts at ALL times.

If you know what part you need and the part number, or if you do not know the part number, you can simply e-mail us a photo.  We sell any part you are looking for, from a single screw to a complete office workspace.

Our specialty also includes:

  • Consultation analysis
  • Space planning
  • Budgeting and specifications
  • Delivery installation
  • Assembly

Used Herman Miller Ethospace Parts

The industry’s first frame-and-tile system, Herman Miller Ethospace has a history of helping organizations look ahead. Hero Office Systems carries thousands of pre-owned Herman Miller Ethospace parts at all times. Looking for something you don’t see online? Give us a call; we’ll be sure to find it for you!

Ethospace Panel Cubicals & Parts

Herman Miller Ethospace Panel Cubicles & Parts

Frames, Stacking Frame, Grooved Tiles, Transaction Work Surface, Side Covers, Stacking Frame, Open Return, Connector Attached, Frame w/Pocketed Privacy Door, Door Frame, Door Frame with Door, Door Knob/ Lever, Draw Rod, Frame to frame Connection Hardware, Wall Strip, The Adapter, Trim Strip, Wall Start,Off-Module 90° Connector Kit, 2-way 90° Connector, Monolithic, 2-way 120° Connector 2-way 135° Connector, etc. Call us today!

Ethospace panel connectorsHerman Miller Ethospace Panel Connectors

Spacer, 3-way 90° Connector, 3-way 90° Connector, Monolithic, 3-way 90° Connector, 4-way 90° Connector, Connector Attachment Plates, 2-way 120° Stacking Connector, 2-way 135° Stacking Connector, Spacer Stacking Connector, 3-Way 90° Stacking Connector, 3-Way 120° Stacking Connector, 4-Way 90° Stacking Connector, Stacking Frame Hardware Kit, Change of height Stacking Connector Attachment Plates Connector, 2-Way 90° Connector Cover, 2-Way 90 Connector Cover Monolithic, 120 Connector Cover 2-Way 135° Connector Cover, Spacer Connector Cover, Spacer Connector Cover Monolithic, 3 way 90° connector cover Monolithic, 3 way 90° connector cover Monolithic, Connector Cover Tile Height, Fascia Connection Kit, Crash Rail Bracket, Finished End, Finished End Veneer, Finished End Change Height, etc. Call us today!

Herman Miller Ethospace tasklightEnergy Efficient Task Light

The Herman Miller energy-efficient task light has a T8 lamp, batwing lens, and a normal-power-factor electronic ballast. It also features a three-step dimmer for optimizing energy usage. The undershelf light mounts beneath a flipper door unit or shelf – ideal for any work environment! Call us today!

Overhead Bin / Flipper DrawerOverhead Bin / Flipper Drawer Unit (B, C, D, & E Series)

The Herman Miller overhead bin has a hinged door with ample storage space. Available in multiple colors and/or finishes. This storage unit hangs on or off module from a frame, wall strips, or an off module upper tile and combines a flipper door and a shelf to enclose binders, files, and other items. The under side of the shelf accepts a task light. Attachment hardware is included. Shipped knocked down. Call us today!

Squared EdgeSquared Edge Work Surface w/ Trough

This work surface hangs from a frame, off module lower tile, or wall strips. It has a cable management through that hangs 2″ below the surface and predrilled holes for a pencil drawer or suspended pedestal. Call us today!

Ethospace Face tileFace Tile

This tile attaches to 1 side of a frame or to wall strips to provide a finished cover. 08″, 16”, 24”, 32”, 48” and 56″ high tiles. Call us today!

Herman Miller Storage Tower

Towers have multiple functions, a striking look, and security in a small footprint. They minimize workstation size and cost. Call us today!

Contact us today; we can usually ship with-in 24 hours. Or visit our Herman Miller Ethospace page to see if we have what you are looking for.