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Hero Office Systems specializes in cubicles to meet your modular needs. We carry designers such as Marvel (made in the U.S.A.) and Compatico – and just like our seating, these designers are committed to environmental sustainability and green practices.

Marvel Modular Workstations is a line of furniture that’s durable, stylish, and versatile. Their modular workstations are an easy, comfortable fit for managerial, administrative and operational areas. We carry a huge selection of finish choices that will personalize your office space.

marvel workstation
compatico workstation

Compatico manufactures and supplies new office workspaces, delivering cost-effective products. We’re proud to offer these great workspaces here at Hero Office Systems!

Global: Princeton Workstations

Open format workstations are the idea behind Princeton’s progressive and personalized products that define your team’s workspace without the walls. Also check out Princeton’s new laminate desking products.

Princeton workstation
foli-elevated workstation

Foli Elevated Workstations

Get out of your seat and get on your feet for part of the day with this healthy solution to combat the long hours of dedicated computer work

StreamLINE™ Integrated Metal Storage and Workstations

StreamLINE provides great solutions for the most demanding work environments. High maintenance, service or transaction environments present unique challenges that can create wear and tear to your workstation solutions. StreamLINE creates a great aesthetic with an efficient workstation for any environment.

streamline workstation
correlation workstation

Correlation + Divide Workstations

With Correlation + Divide customers can create your customized workspace and still stay connected with the team. With the familiarity and features of a closed office environment, yet the versatility of a private workstation, Correlation with Divide keeps the team together.

Zira Workstations

Low profile with room to work. Zira workstations to make the most out of even the smallest of workspaces.

zira workstation

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