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Ethospace Workstations

Ethospace workstations provide a high quality durable combination of steel frame and interchangeable tiles. Frames provide ample capacity for power and data and support hanging storage, and are updated and expanded each year. The options and configurations are numerous, allowing customers to maximize their work surfaces and organizational spaces to give flexibility and durability to meet the shifting demands of work.

Durable designs and custom configurations.

Ethospace workstations are an investment in long-lasting products that continue to hold their value and withstand any office or corporate work environment. The sturdy steel frame with interchangeable tiles maintains it quality and aesthetic appeal for years. With over 30 different styles, the configurations, designs and interchangeable tiles can be custom created to ensure the look and utility of your office needs for years to come.

Tailored for any office of any size or work environment.

If you want to bring the right furniture and working power to your office enviornment, the Ethospace cubicles has you covoered. The all new frames enable you to hide wires and cables in between the frames and tiles, which makes installing the Ethospace cubicles a breeze. All you have to do is set up the frames accordingly, place the cables in between the frames and snap on the tiles. The hidden wires can always be accessed by removing the tiles.

The beautiful thing about Ethospace cubicles is that they can be resized to fit any shape or area that you need it to. All you have to do is remove a frame and reconnecting it to a different part of the Ethospace system. There is no need to unplug or remove any wires during the process. This is why so many people love the Ethospace stations. Contact us today if you’re interested in new Ethospace workstations at discounted rates.

Flexible and versatile.

Ethospace workstations come in a number of 90, 120, and 135-degree planning options, allowing for extreme flexibility and versatility. Workstations can be used as stand alone desk options or combining and configured with other solutions to create diverse work areas of varied settings.

Ethospace workstations supports all of your workspace needs with beauty and style, creating a workplace that reflects your organization’s unique character and supports the unique activities of your people.

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